Broadcasting And Post-Production

The unstoppable progress of the BOXY modular construction system for soundproof rooms is based upon truly convincing solutions for four thematic areas that have traditionally turned out to be somewhat tricky, not to say problematic when trying to achieve the best possible results:

  • Generous installation of glass panels
  • High-performance, yet low-noise ventilation
  • High-efficiency sound-isolation doors and windows
  • Overall interior design

Further essential advantages of BOXY units being applied in the segments of broadcasting and AV post-production are inherent in the system itself: for far too long, markets have had to wait for a system that provides detailed pre-installation certification, individual modifiability, sustainable reusability, outstandingly short time slots for the mounting, not to forget the overall planning security associated herewith.

It is the flexibility of the BOXY system that opens up totally new solution perspectives, in particular for radio and television broadcasters. This is valid for both the stationary studio construction as well as for temporary event accompaniment installations.

Recording / Mastering


As a matter of fact, there is no place more important for an artist than the recording studio. Well, maybe apart from the stage

We redefine the notion of the room an artist spends most of his time in: in a Boxy studio, an artist sustainably feels comfortable. Completely undisturbed by any kind of external influences, he can be one with his work.

Behind the BOXY project, there is a big pool of experts. There are not only experienced planners. There are musicians, producers and sound engineers, too. They all make sure BOXY is the synonym for a certified acoustic performance level that leaves nothing to be desired. One of BOXY’s highlight features is its ventilation system: high-performing and, at the same time, extremely quiet. The BOXY ventilation system secures a full-volume air exchange up to twelve times an hour at astonishingly low noise levels below.

Music Schools / Musical Education


In the field of didactics, BOXY has long been an international market leader in producing acoustic rooms and units.

Maximum comfort for students as well as lecturers: BOXY is the only modular acoustic room system world-wide to meet the stringent standards of the British BB93 norm. This is substantiated by various projects in renowned music departments at some of the most prestigious academies in the UK: Oxford University, The London Royal College of Music or The Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester.

Comfortable and low-noise ventilation systems perfectly meet the requirements of even highly frequented structures. You’d like to have large glass areas integrated into the overall ambience of your teaching/training rooms? Not a problem with BOXY!