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Certified, here and now

Certificato acustico RI§NA


Additional value in the premium segment

The Modular Revolution Of Broadcasting and Post-Production.

The BOXY system marks the beginning of a new era with respect to the construction of broadcasting and A/V post-production studios. BOXY’s consistent modularity drastically shortens construction schedules. Simultaneously, the highest quality standards are being set even for extremely dimensioned operation sites. Unique ventilation structure elements allow for tailor made solutions even at the most complex tasks.

Guaranteed Excellence.

The BOXY module-based construction system provides you with a truly professional high-end studio workplace. The installation is significantly faster and a lot more efficient than with any conventional method you might be thinking of.


Mounting duration BOXY.

10 days


Mounting duration traditional structural method.

4 months

Faster Installation
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Guaranteed Soundproofing
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Implemented Projects
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Certified Quality
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Mounting Speed

The module-based approach allows for several essential manufacturing steps to be carried out in our production facilities. We herewith significantly shorten the mounting duration on our customer’s premises, which means an extremely high planning security for both our customer as well as for ourselves.

Guaranteed Soundproofing

In advance and with immediate effect, we guarantee minimum values for soundproofing as well as for reverberation times of our systems, no matter which dimensions the commissioned room may have or where it will be put into operation.

Completed Projects

More than 900 BOXY acoustic rooms are in operation world-wide today. In Rome, London, Berlin, Helsinki, Madrid, Shanghai… – you name it. We deliver anywhere on the planet.

Certified Quality

Planning, manufacturing, mounting: the overall cycle is audited and certified by RINA annually.


Sound and shape

The new construction system is dedicated to your projects.

With our modular construction system, both the architect as well as his visions find an inspiring and innovative tool to create soundproof spaces with excellent and reliable acoustic properties. Aks for our autodesk-based BOXYCAD software and our SKETCH UP app.

Design made to measure.

BoxyCAD_2 BoxyReal_1


Wherever you want. However you want.

Envision Your Perfect Studio. We Bring It To Life.

The studio workplace of your dreams – high-performing, comfortable, acoustically balanced and individually designed to your requirements. BOXY is a long-term investment: its extreme flexibility permits convenient dismantling and reconstruction, e.g. in case of a removal. The special thing about it: performance and sound quality will remain at the same exceptional level. Always.

The very best. For the very best.

Fausto Cogliati

Musician and producer

“It’s more than a soundproof room. For me, BOXY is like an important musical instrument. It’s a long-term investment.”


Some of our projects

  • RDS Studios – Milan
  • Deutsche Welle – Berlin
  • 3M
  • Studio Ward - Rome
  • The Innovation Studio


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